DSCN0933PI Home has built solid working relationships upon the existing clients of Planning Initiatives and has grown to now service a number of additional building and design companies as well as specific Architects and Surveyors.  These companies rely on PI Home to provide Planning assistance as part of set development teams aiming to complete construction projects in set timeframes.

The main philosophy and principles governing the firm’s operation are:-

  • All advice and management of town planning processes are to be given or undertaken with professionalism and rigorous objectivity free from bias or conflict or interest;
  • To work with clients to identify the scope and nature of a task or problem so that the response is tailored, relevant, efficient and cost effective;
  • To provide specialised advice, which is well reserved, innovative, practical and capable of implementation and
  • Maintain and organisational culture that encourages a strong commitment to client service through learning, growth of expertise.

These services and expertise offered by PI Home encompass a broad range of smaller scale residential developments.  This includes:

  • Detached Houses
  • Property Subdivision
  • Small scale multi-unit Residences
  • Small scale industrial
  • Mixed-Use Development